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Hysteria is a quick-playing, small-box, social deduction game for 5-9 players. In Hysteria, players must keep track of who is on the human team as loyalties shift and your neighbors seek to obscure the truth. The base game is designed to be approachable for any audience, with advanced rules included for seasoned social deduction aficionados. 


The video says 6-9 players, but we are reintroducing the 5 player variant upon request!

KS Limited items will not be sold in distribution, but may be used for contests, conventions, local game stores, etc. We may also upgrade the base game tokens in some way, to be determined.
Below is a list of reviews and previews for Hysteria. Click on one to see the full review video or article! More reviews will be posted throughout the campaign.


Hysteria was designed by Cory and Ryan of Wryknot Games. They previously designed Over Under Ostrich and On Porpoise. Check out their website to see all the cool games they are working on.


Art for Hysteria was done by the incredibly talented Vanessa Morales. Vanessa is an illustrator + character designer/concept artist with a deep love for the nature, the whimsical, and fantasy.

Kickstarter Page

Jon is a graphic designer and artist from Canada who also loves to create (and help others create) tabletop games. His two dogs and many projects keep him quite entertained. 


Travis is the owner of Brouhaha Games. He enjoys pumpkin carving and tabletop gaming, occasionally in tandem. 

Special Thanks

Every creative project is a group effort that requires work from people of all different specialties and talents. I want to take the time to thank the following people for their contributions on this project: Dariana V, Aimar Galarza, Calvin Wong, Javier O, Ferdinand Capitulo, and everyone who gave feedback, reviews, input, encouragement, and playtesting for the game.

Cultural Commitment

Brouhaha Games is committed to ensuring that games with themes from cultures outside our own are represented fairly and accurately. To meet this goal, we hired a paid cultural consultant to advise us on all of the details regarding Dia de los Muertos in order to ensure that our representation of the holiday and the culture surrounding it was as accurate and authentic as possible.

We also realize that accurate representation is necessary but not sufficient when working outside our own cultures. We also made the following commitments:

  • First, we made sure that this project directly included and monetarily benefited people from the culture by committing the majority of our contracting budget to this group. This includes work such as art, story, rules, translation, and play-testing.
  • Second, the celebration of Dia de los Muertos is extensive and not always homogeneous, so we attempted to gather diverse feedback from many different sources. We gathered extensive notes on the final design to make sure that the overall product was an authentic and positive representation.
  • Finally, we sought extensive feedback around the theme being used as a setting for a game. We wanted to ensure that using the setting and history for casual entertainment was appropriate and respectful, and that the use of symbols, customs, and ideas created a positive experience for people who celebrate the holiday.

Available Rewards:

$25USD + Shipping

Deluxe Edition

1 Deluxe, Kickstarter Exclusive copy of Hysteria.


  • Deluxe Upgrade
  • Standard Edition
  • Digital Files

We do not ship to Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, or South Africa.


Print and Play

1 pdf copy to print at home


  • Digital Files

Please select or upgrade your reward to the $19 level or above to purchase add-ons.

$19USD + Shipping

1 Regular Edition

1 physical copy


  • Standard Edition
  • Digital Files

We do not ship to Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, or South Africa.

$49USD + Shipping

Double Deluxe

2 Deluxe, Kickstarter Exclusive copies of Hysteria.


  • 2 x Deluxe Upgrade
  • 2 x Standard Edition
  • Digital Files

We do not ship to Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, or South Africa.

$96USD + Shipping

Brick and Mortar Retailers

For Brick and Mortar retailers ONLY! Proof will be required for this reward tier. Case of 8 deluxe games.

Standard terms, but please contact if you need more details!

We do not ship to Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, or South Africa.

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